Project Announcements (from newest to the oldest)

14 June, 2012
A Meteosat receiving station is constructed and the first frame is downloaded.
6 March, 2012
ATASAM - Atatürk University Astrophysics Application and Research Center was established (see. official newspaper)
14 January, 2012
DAG project was accepted (see. web page for official newspaper)
10 January, 2012
An interview with SAGEM (France) representative in Turkey.
5 January, 2012
A new AWOS (Automated Weather Observation System) was installed on the summit and data recording was initiated.
3 January, 2012
Atatürk University Application and Research Center for Astrophysics (ATASAM), had been accepted in the University Senate. The decision by Senate was sent to Institution of Higher Education (YÖK).
4 October, 2011
There had been an interview with the following firms in Ankara: Brashear (L3, ABD).
12-14 September, 2011
AMOS facilities in Belgium were visited.
1 August, 2011
DAG project was defended in presentation to the State Planing Organization.
22 July, 2011
An interview was performed with EIE in TUBITAK National Observatory Management building in Antalya.
29 April, 2011
DAG project was sent to the State Planing Organization.
25 April, 2011
With the resolutions of the workshop, an updated version of the DAG project application was signed by rectorate of the Akdeniz University.
1-3 April, 2011
IR Astronomy in Turkey and Eastern Anatolia Observatory? workshop was organized.
28 March - 4 April, 2011
Telescopes from AFAR meeting was attended by a poster presentation.
15 February, 2011
DAG project was announced in ILETI (communication portal between Turkish astronomers).
7-12 February, 2011
On behalf of the project team members, C.Yeşilyaprak ve S.K.Yerli organized short meetings on the DAG project in Turkey.
Sabancı University (7 February, 12:45)
İstanbul University, AUB Department (8 February, 10:35)
İstanbul Kültür University, Physics Department (8 February, 16:00)
TÜBİTAK National Observatory and Akdeniz University UBT (9 February, 09:45)
Ege University, AUB Department (10 February, 10:00)
METU(ODTÜ) Physics Department, Astrophysics Group (11 February, 12:00)
Ankara University, AUB Department (11 February, 13:45)
Çanakkale 19 Mayıs University, Physics Department (12 February, 12:00)
13 January, 2011
The State Planing Organization (DPT) published the DAG project as an etudes project in official newspaper.