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Updates: 12.05.2012 (Tolga, Aybüke)

5.1 Current and Future Projects with 4m-class Telescopes

United Kingdom Infra-Red Telescope - UKIRT

UKIRT is a 3.8-m telescope located at Mauna Kea, Hawaii. It is equipped with the Wide-Field Camera (WFCAM). WFCAM is a near-infrared camera which consists of 4 Rockwell Hawaii-II (HgCdTe 2048x2048) arrays spaced by 94% in the focal plane, such that 4 separately pointed observations can be tiled together to cover a filled square of sky covering 0.75 square degrees with 0.4 arcsecond pixels. WFCAM contains 8 filter paddles, one of which holds blanks for taking dark frames and blanking off the arrays, whilst each of the 7 remaining paddles contains a set of 4 science filters and a clear autoguider filter. The science filters of WFCAM are Z, Y, J, H, K and two narrow-band filters.
The current main project conducted via UKIRT is the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS) and the future main project is the UKIRT Hemisphere Survey (UHS). The details of these surveys can be found in the "Current and Future Survey Projects" section.

At the moment it looks like this telescope is going to be decommissioned by 2013.

NASA Infrared Telescope Facility - IRTF

3m telescope with NIR spectroscopic instruments

Updates: 11.05.2012 (Aliş)

William Herschel Telescope - WHT

WHT is a 4.2 meter telescope and main available instruments at WHT are:

  • ISIS - single-slit spectroscopy, R < 10000, 4' slit, spectro-polarimetry
  • LIRIS - IR spectroscopy, R < 4000, and imaging, 4' field
  • ACAM - optical imaging, low-resolution spectroscopy, 8' field
  • Prime-focus imager - optical imaging, 16' field
  • AF2/WYFFOS - multi-object fibre-fed spectroscopy, R < 9000, 40' field
  • NAOMI/OASIS - integral-field spectroscopy with or without natural-guide-star adaptive optics (NGS AO), R < 4000, 17" field
  • NAOMI/INGRID - IR imaging with or without NGS AO, 40" field (coronagraphy is also possible, with OSCA, 25" field)

Updates: 11.05.2012 (Aliş)

Telescopio Nazionale Galileo - TNG

TNG is 3.58m Alt-Az telescope equipped with an active optics system. Its 2 Nasmyth foci host 5 instruments which are permanently mounted and operating at La Palma (Canary Islands).

Updates: 11.05.2012 (Aliş)

Wisconsin Indiana Yale NOAO Telescope - WIYN

WIYN is a 3.5 meter telescope located at Kitt Peak (NOAO). WHIRC is the main NIR imager up to 2.5 microns.


What can be done with DAG
  • UKIRT Hemisphere Survey will be a one time imaging survey therefore spectroscopic follow-ups of the newly detected sources and also observations of interesting sources in longer timescale can be done with DAG.